Dashboard - Help

The Help tab of the Plottr Dashboard is where you access links to helpful resources, report problems, and search documentation within Plottr on Desktop.

What this Article Covers

Help Links

At the top of the "Help" tab, there are links to a variety of resources:

  • Tutorials
  • FAQ
  • Demos
  • Documentation
  • Give Feedback
  • Facebook Group
  • Request a Feature
  • Roadmap
  • Help Actions

    In the Actions section of the "Help" tab, you will find the following options:

    • Report a Problem: Click this if you need to submit a support ticket
    • Create an Error Report: Click this if you experience a bug and need to provide details to our support team 
    • Enter a Customer Service Code: Enter a number here and click submit if prompted by our support team

    Search Documentation

    In the Documentation section of the "Help" tab, you can search through our suite of documentation articles (like this one).

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