Dashboard - Settings

The Settings tab of the Plottr Dashboard is where you manage your Plottr preferences, backup settings, and access to beta features.

Getting Started

You'll find three Settings options along the top of the screen - simply click the relevant one to access it:

  • General: Configure your app settings
  • Dashboard: Configure what screen opens when starting Plottr
  • Backups: Configure your backup settings
  • Beta: Configure your beta feature settings

Your settings apply across all projects you create in Plottr, but only on the device on which they are set; if you have Plottr on multiple computers, you will need to adjust your settings on each one.

General Settings:

  • Update Automatically: Toggle whether Plottr should download updates automatically
  • Appearance: Dark/Light: Toggle whether Plottr is in light mode, dark mode, or follows your default computer settings
  • Language: Toggle your default language preference (English, French, Spanish – more coming soon)

Backups Settings:

  • Save Backups: Toggle whether Plottr should automatically save daily backups of your files
  • Backup Location: Choose the location where backups are stored on your computer
  • Backup Options: Toggle how you want Plottr to manage backups
    • Days of Backups: Store backups from the last X number of days and delete backups older than this – if the number is blank, Plottr will NOT delete any backups
    • Number of Backups: Store the last X number of backups total and delete backups older than this – if the number is blank, Plottr will NOT delete any backups
    • Never Delete Backups: Plottr will not delete any of your backups

Beta Settings:

Here you can toggle on and off your access to particular features that are still in beta and not yet fully integrated into Plottr.

Dark Mode

With the release of version 2023.7.21, Plottr has a new dark mode that is easier on your eyes (especially if you’re writing into the night).

You can turn it on in the Settings tab from the Plottr Dashboard.

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