Dashboard - Backups

The Backups tab of the Plottr Dashboard provides easy access to previously saved version of your Plottr files. This article explains how it works.

What this Article Covers

Getting Started

When you open the Backups section, you'll see a folder for every date on which you've used Plottr:

By default, Plottr creates a new backup every time you open a file and every time you close it. 

When you click on one of these folders, you'll find earlier versions of your Plottr files, which you can click on to open.

Common Questions

Where are my backups saved?

Plottr backups are saved locally on your computer, within a folder called "Application Support/plottr/backups". 

How can I change where my backups are saved?

The location of your backup files can be changed by visiting the Settings tab of the Dashboard and then clicking on the Backups option within the navigation menu.

How can I delete my backups?

You can delete backups by visiting the folder where the backups are saved and manually deleting the files from your computer.

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