How to Open an Existing Plottr Project

Do you want to open an existing Plottr project on your computer? In this article, we show you a couple ways to do that and troubleshoot some common issues.

Table of Contents

Open an Existing File

  1. Open Plottr on Desktop 
  2. Click the User Icon > Projects
  3. Click "Open Existing" in the Project Dashboard
  4. Select the Plottr file on your computer you wish to open
  5. Click "Open"

Open a Recent Project

  1. Open Plottr on Desktop 
  2. Click the User Icon > Projects
  3. Under Recent Projects, hover on the file name you wish to edit, click the three dot menu on the right, and click "Open"

Common Questions

Why does my file have a red icon next to it?

The red icon (pictured below) indicates that Plottr is having an issue finding the file:

This can happen, for example, if you've recently deleted a Plottr file from your computer OR moved it to a different location from where it was initially saved. In these situations, the file will still show up in the Recent Projects section but Plottr will not be able to open it. 

In this case, you will need to open the file by following the instructions above.

How can I remove a missing file from my Recent Projects list?

If Plottr is unable to find the file, you can remove the file by hovering over it, clicking the three dot menu, and clicking "Remove from this list".

How can I find a missing Plottr file on my computer?

If the Plottr file you are looking for is not showing up in the Recent Projects section, you can search the file system on your computer for files with a "pltr" extension (see Mac example below).

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