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The Files tab of the Plottr Dashboard provides access to your files and is where you start a new project.

What this Article Covers

Project Actions

At the top of the Files tab, you can start a new project or access existing files by clicking on the Project Actions along the top:

  • Create Blank Project: Create a new Plottr file from scratch
  • Open Existing: Open a previously created Plottr file
  • Create From Template: Create a new Plottr file using a pre-built starter template or one of your own custom templates
  • Import Snowflake Pro: Create a Plottr file from an existing Snowflake Pro file

Recent Projects

Within the “Recent Projects” section of the Files tab, you can access any of your recently opened files – just double-click the name of the file you wish to open:

You can also hover over the file name you’d like to open and then click on the three dots beside it to uncover the following options:

  • Open: Open the file
  • Show in Finder / File Explorer: Show the file on your computer
  • Rename: Rename the file
  • Delete: Delete the project file from your computer

Finally, you can use the Search function across from the "Recent Projects" heading to find particular Plottr files listed within your Recent Projects.

Common Questions

Can I work on a file with a collaborator?

Yes, you can!

Click here for information on working with a collaborator.

Where are my Plottr files saved?

By default, your files are saved locally are on your computer.

Click here for information about where your files are saved.

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