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This article provides an overview of your Customer Account (created automatically at checkout), which you can log into on our website at any time. 

To log into your account, click here:

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Your Account homepage provides links to a number of valuable resources, including the option to download the app, review our video tutorials, and join the Plottr Facebook Group.

➡️ Click here to log into your customer account.

License Keys

The License Keys page in your account is where you’ll find the code to activate your Plottr license key.

If you have Plottr Pro, you activate Plottr with your account email and password, not with a license key.

➡️ Click here to learn more about managing your license keys.


As a customer, you can always download your Plottr installation files from the Downloads page in your account.

➡️  Click here to learn more about downloading your installation files.

Purchases & Subscriptions

Plottr customers can easily view past purchases and subscription information from the Purchase History page in the account area. 

➡️ Click here to learn more about managing your purchases.


All Plottr customers can update their personal information from the Profile page in the account area. 

➡️ Click here to learn more about managing your profile.

Become an Affiliate

If you’re a Plottr customer and would like to earn money by recommending it, you can apply to join our affiliate program.

➡️ Click here to learn about navigating the Affiliate Area (as an existing affiliate).

If you need additional assistance, please contact us via support.
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