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The Affiliate Area is the hub for Plottr affiliates, where you can easily find your referral URLs, promotional materials, payouts, stats, and more.

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Becoming An Affiliate

If you're interested in becoming a Plottr affiliate, you can apply here from inside your customer account to earn 20% of every sale you refer.

Affiliate URLs

The Affiliate URLs tab is where you’ll find your primary affiliate URL to use when sharing Plottr on your website, via social media, newsletters, etc.

You can also use the URL Referral Generator to create your own affiliate URL to any page on the site — just enter the page URL (for example, the pricing page URL) and then click “Generate URL.”


The Statistics tab shows you the number of referrals you’ve made to Plottr, your sales conversion rates, commission rate, and more.


The Graphs tab visualizes your earnings data over specific time periods, making it easy to gain insight into your promotional history.


The Referrals tabs displays data for each individual referral you’ve made to Plottr.


The Payouts tab is where you can find a history of your referral payments.


The Visits tab shows you a history of your referral visits and whether they have converted to sales.


The Creatives tab is where you can find promotional images to use on your website, social media, newsletters, etc.


The Settings tab is where you can update your Paypal payment email and notifications related to your referrals. 

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