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The License Keys page in your customer account provides easy access to your code for activating full access to Plottr.(You can also find it in the purchase receipt sent to your email.) This article provides an overview of the License Keys page.

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Getting Started

A Plottr license key is required for activating your account, as well as for receiving updates.

License keys are purchased with the option of 1 device, 3 devices, and 5 devices. Every device on which you install Plottr uses one of those open device slots, so you’re encouraged to purchase the license package that best suits your needs. 

➡️ Click here to learn more about your purchase options.

Finding Your License Key

You’ll find your license key listed directly under the title of your purchase on the License Keys page of your customer account. 

Under "License Details", you'll also see when your license expires and how many devices it is currently activated on.

Managing License Key Activations

  • To view your license key activations, click the “Manage Devices” link on the License Keys page of your customer account
  • To deactivate a license for a device, click “Deactivate Device” by the Device ID associated with it – once deactivated, the license can be used on a new device
  • To view your receipt, click the purchase ID number linked on the page
To find your Device ID, visit Dashboard > Account within the desktop app and it will be listed under "License Information"

➡️ Click here to learn how to activate your Plottr license key for Windows and Mac.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us via support.
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