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The Plottr menu bar provides easy access to a number of useful features, including your current version number, license key, dark mode, support, and more.

This article provides an overview of the menu bar.


The menu bar is easily accessible from the top of your computer screen when you have Plottr open, as you can see here:


The Plottr menu item contains these options:

  • About Plottr > View the version of Plottr you are currently using.
  • Check for Updates > While Plottr automatically alerts you to available updates, click this to make sure you’re using the latest version of Plottr and install any updates.
  • View License Key > Find your license key number.

  • Hide Plottr > Minimize the Plottr app on your screen
  • Hide Others > Minimize all apps on your screen except for Plottr
  • Quit > Quit the Plottr app


The File menu item contains these options:

  • New > Create a new blank Plottr file
  • New from Template > Start a new file using one of Plottr’s built in starter templates
  • Open > Select another Plottr file to open
  • Open Recent > Open a Plottr file you’ve created or modified recently

  • Save > Although Plottr has an auto-save feature, you can click here to manually save your file
  • Save As > Create a new, identical Plottr file and keep the existing file as is (this feature can be helpful, for example, if you are about to make a change you are uncertain about or if you want to build an identical starting point for another book)
  • Close > Exit your Plottr file and close the application

  • Export > Export your Plottr file as a Microsoft Word or Scrivener document to begin writing


The View menu item contains these options:

  • Reload > Refresh your Plottr file
  • Dark Mode > Switch your view to a dark-colored theme
  • Take Screenshot > Easily save a screenshot of your screen (which you can share with support if you have any issues)


The Help menu item contains these options:

  • Documentation > Access the Plottr knowledge base
  • Facebook Group > Join the Plottr community on Facebook and share your voice
  • Report a Problem > Submit a support request and we’ll get back to you asap
  • Create an Error Report > If you experience any issues with Plottr, click here to create an Error Report you can easily share with support when submitting a support request
  • Enter a Customer Service Code > In some cases, you may be provided a code to help fix your specific support issue, which you would enter here

  • Give Feedback > Share your experience using Plottr and let us know what you love and what could be improved
  • Request a Feature > Please share your feature requests with our team using this form

  • FAQ > Find answers to common questions about Plottr in our help center
  • Roadmap > Discover what features are next, vote on your favorites, and add your ideas

Updated on March 12, 2021

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