The Plottr Dashboard provides the tools you need to easily manage your Plottr files, access backups, update preferences, and more from inside the desktop app.

This article provides an overview of the Dashboard:


There are five building blocks of the Plottr Dashboard that are covered in this article:

  • Account
  • Files
  • Backup
  • Preferences
  • Help


The Dashboard automatically opens to the Files section – from here, you can quickly access existing files or start a new project using the following options along the top:

  • Create Blank Project allows you to create a new file from scratch
  • Open Existing opens up a folder on your computer to open a previously created file
  • Create From Template allows you to create a new file using any of the pre-created Plottr templates (or your own custom template)
  • Import Snowflake Pro allows you to integrate a pre-existing Snowflake Pro file directly into Plottr

You can also access any of your recently opened files under the “Recent Projects” section:

To open a file within “Recent Projects”, just double click the name of the file.

You can also hover over the file name you’d like to open and then click on the three dots beside it. You’ll then have the option to:

  • Open the file
  • Show the file on your computer
  • Remove the file from the Recent Projects list
  • Delete the file completely

You can use the “Search” function as well to search for any previously created Plottr files on your computer.


You can access your Plottr account details from directly within the app:

Your Account Information on top will display your:

  • Email address that you used to purchase Plottr
  • Device ID (which you can use for customer support issues)
  • License Key registered to this device
  • The expiration date of your current license

You can also deactivate the license on your current device by clicking the “Remove License” button.

Underneath your “Account Information”, you’ll see the “About Plottr” section, which includes your device details, allows you to check for updates, and links to our changelog.


The Backups section of the Dashboard provides you with easy access to your previously saved Plottr files:

You can open up any of the folders to view your backups and open up a previous version of your Plottr file.


You can update your preferences from within the Dashboard by clicking on the Preferences section:

You can toggle any of the following preferences

  • Automatically save backup versions of your Plottr files
  • Automatically update your Plottr app to the latest version

You can also update your language from the Preferences section – with more options coming soon!


You can get help at any time by accessing the Help section in your Plottr Dashboard:

From here, you can find links to our resources, including video tutorials, our roadmap, and more.

If you need technical assistance, you can also “Report a Problem” or “Create an Error Report” from directly within the app.

Finally, you can access and search our Knowledge Base within the app.

Updated on December 18, 2020

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