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How Do I Install the Latest Update(s) to Plottr?

If you have an active license, Plottr automatically checks for an update whenever you open the software on your computer:

  • If you have enabled “Download updates automatically” within the Settings tab of the Plottr Dashboard, the update will attempt to download automatically
  • If you have not enabled that setting, simply click the button to download the update that appears
  • Once the update has downloaded, click the button that appears to install it
  • When you open Plottr again, you will be on the latest version

You can also re-download Plottr from your account and re-install it to access the latest version.

To manually check for updates, visit the Plottr Dashboard within the app and click the “Check for Updates” button inside the Account tab:

Note: Updating Plottr will not have any impact on your existing files.

Updated on August 19, 2021

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