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With v2023.7.21, Plottr Classic (offline) users can access a Files setting from the Plottr Dashboard, allowing you to select a default folder on your computer where all new Plottr files will automatically be saved.

By enabling and using this setting, you'll always know where your files are saved, and you won't have to think about where to save your file each time you create a new project.

This article covers how to use the Settings > Files options within the Plottr Dashboard:

Using the Default Folder

When you navigate to the Settings > Files section, the Default Folder setting is toggled off.

To enable the Default Folder:

  1. Visit the Settings > Files section of the Plottr Dashboard
  2. Click the toggle under Default Folder so that it turns green
  3. By default, Plottr will add your new files to a Plottr folder within your local Documents folder

However, you can easily change the Default Folder to any location on your computer via the Default Folder Location setting (see instructions below).

Changing the Default Folder Location

After enabling the Default Folder setting (see above), you can easily change where Plottr automatically saves your new files to any folder location on your computer.

To change your Default Folder Location:

  1. Visit the Settings > Files section of the Plottr Dashboard and enable the Default Folder
  2. Click the "Choose" button under the Default Folder Location option
  3. Select a folder on your computer from the menu that opens up

Pro Tip: You can even choose your local Dropbox or Google Drive folder, for example, to help keep files in sync across devices!

Moving Existing Files Into Your New Default Folder

When you enable the Default Folder setting, only new files that you create will be automatically added; your existing files will not. However, you can move existing files into the folder.

To move existing files into the new Default Folder Location:

  1. Open the Default Folder on your computer (where you want to move your existing files)
  2. Visit the Files tab of the Plottr Dashboard
  3. From the Recent Projects list, hover over the project you wish to move.
  4. Click the three dots icon and then click "Show in Finder" or "Show in File Explorer."
  5. A folder will pop open with the file, which you should manually drag into the folder you opened in Step 1 that you've selected as your Plottr Default Folder.

Additional notes:

  • Open your file from its new location to add it to the Recent Projects list within Dashboard > Files
  • The files you've moved, that were saved in a previous location, will now display a red warning icon next to them  – to remove these redundant entries from the Recent Projects list, select "Remove from this list" when you hover over them.
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