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The Filter button on the Timeline lets you easily view only those Scene Cards associated with specific story elements – with all others blurred out until you remove the filter.

What this Article Covers

Getting Started

You can filter Scene Cards on the Timeline by specific Characters, Places, Tags, Colors, and Custom Attributes associated with them.

To filter the Timeline:

  1. Click the "Filter" button on the Timeline toolbar
  2. Click on the elements you wish to filter the Timeline by
Filtering in Plottr currently uses OR logic, meaning it will display Scene Cards that match ANY of the criteria you have chosen, not ALL of them. (For example, if you select two custom attributes, you will see Scene Cards that have at least one of them.)

To remove the filter from the Timeline:

  1. Click on the "Timeline is Filtered" button
  2. The Timeline will return to its original state (displaying all Scene Cards)

Use Cases

Here are a few ideas for using Filtering with the Timeline:

  • Colors: Filter the Timeline by card colors to view only Scene Cards which are done (e.g. Green) or still need work (e.g. Yellow)
  • Characters: Filter the Timeline by characters to view only Scene Cards which involve them
  • Places: Filter the Timeline by places to view only Scene Cards linked with those settings
  • Tags: Filter the Timeline by tags to view only Scene Cards linked with particular items, clues, themes, etc.
  • Custom Attributes: Filter the Timeline by Attributes to view only Scene Cards linked with particular conflicts or motivations


There are a couple ways you can use Filtering that may not be immediately apparent:

  • You can filter the Timeline by ALL elements of a particular story element at once by clicking on the name of that element (e.g. Characters)
  • You can scroll horizontally within the Filter menu to view additional filterable elements (such as Custom Attributes)

Known Limitations

  • Scene Cards on the Timeline cannot currently be filtered using AND logic – this means you cannot specifically view only the Scene Cards that have ALL of the elements selected in the filter menu, but rather will see the Scene Cards that have ANY of them
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