Project (Series) - Navigating Your Books

This article explains how to navigate and access your books and series from the Project section (on Desktop and Web).

What this Article Covers

Accessing Book Timelines

To access the Timeline for a particular book from the Project section:

  1. Hover over the book you wish to access
  2. Click on the book to access its Timeline

Using the Book Dropdown

You can also use the dropdown at the top left of the Project section to navigate your books – the titles and order of the books in the dropdown are based on how you order your book titles in your Project.

To use the Book Dropdown:

  1. Click on the Book Dropdown menu
  2. Click on the Book you wish to work on
  3. Select the section of Plottr you wish to access for that book (e.g. Timeline)

Accessing the Series View

The Series View of Plottr provides a Timeline (and Outline)  where you can organize details of your Project at the project level – the title in the dropdown is based on the title you have given your Project (Series).

To access the Series View for your project:

  1. Click on the book dropdown menu
  2. Click on the Series View at the top
  3. Select the Timeline tab of Plottr 

➡️ You can learn more about using the Series View here

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