Outline - Chapters

This article explains how to use Chapter Headings in the Outline section of Plottr on Desktop and Web.

What this Article Covers

Chapter Setup

  • Your Chapter headings (as set up in the Timeline) are listed vertically in the Outline Sidebar on the left side of the screen
  • Across from the headings, you will see colored dots indicating the color of the plotlines containing scene cards in those chapters
  • In the main content section on the right, you will see your Chapter headings repeated, with the relevant scene cards beneath them

Chapter Navigation

There are two ways to navigate Chapters in the Outline: 

  1. Scroll up and down the Outline Content area
  2. Click a Chapter Heading in the Outline Sidebar to auto-scroll to it

Ordering Chapters

To reorder Chapters in the Outline section:

  1. Click and hold the Chapter in the Outline Sidebar that you wish to move
  2. Drag and drop the Chapter onto the Chapter position you'd like to move it to in the Sidebar
  3. The Chapter will now be in its new position and the Chapter onto which it is dragged will be positioned before it

Known Limitations

  • You cannot currently edit Chapter headings in the Outline section
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