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Notes in Plottr are for brainstorming, collecting research, jotting down ideas, and more. This article covers the basics of Notes and what you can do with them on Desktop and Web.

What this Article Covers

Note Basics

Here are a few things you should know about Notes:

  • There is no limit on the number of Notes you can create
  • You can add type your ideas within each Note
  • You can link Books, Characters, Places, and Tags to Notes
  • You can create Categories for Notes
  • You can create Custom Attributes for Notes
  • You can create one primary image for each Note – and add additional images to each Note within their notes
  • Notes can be filtered by Books, Characters, Places, Categories, Tags, and Custom Attributes, and sorted by Custom Attributes
  • Notes are organized in alphabetical order by default

Getting Started

To access the Notes section, open the app and click on the Notes tab at the top of the screen:

At the very top of the Notes tab, you'll find the following navigation options:

  • New: Click this button to create a new Note
  • Attributes: Click this button to create and manage your Note Custom Attributes
  • Categories: Click this button to create and manage your Note Categories
  • Filter: Click this button for options to filter your Notes
  • Sort: Click this button for options to sort your Notes
  • Search: Enter a term to display Notes containing that term only

Use Cases

There are many different ways to use Notes — here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Brainstorming: Create Notes to brainstorm story and character ideas
  • Research: Create Notes with research summaries and links to important websites
  • Story Lore: Create Notes about the history and background of your project
  • Important Items: Create Notes about items that have a special significance in your project

Known Limitations

We are aware of some limitations with Notes, which we intend to address with future updates:

  • You cannot import Notes from one project into another
  • You cannot manually organize Notes
If you need additional assistance, please contact support or ask a question in our Facebook Group.
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