Project (Series) - Overview

This article provides an overview of the Project tab on desktop, which is where you organize the books in your project (or series). 

What this Article Covers

Getting Started

You can think of every Project you create in Plottr as a container for a number of books or writing projects you are working on. 

To access the Project section, open the app and click on the Project tab at the top of the screen:

At the very top of the Project tab, you'll also find the following navigation options:

  • Dashboard: Click this button to open up the Plottr Dashboard on your computer

Use Cases

There are many different ways to use Projects — here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Books in a series
  • Related writing projects
  • Multiple versions of the same book / writing project

Creating Your Series

At the top of the Project tab, you can find and add details about the series (or project) you are working on:

The details you can fill in here are:

  • Name: The name of your series
  • Genre: The genre of your series
  • Premise: A short description of your series
  • Theme: A short description of the theme of your series

Managing Your Books

In the Books section of the Project tab, you can create and manage the books in your series (or project).

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Add and remove books 
  • Add and remove book covers
  • Edit the title, premise, genre, and theme of each book 
  • Organize books by dragging and dropping them into the proper order
  • Start a new book from a starter template 

➡️ You can learn how to create, edit, and organize the books in your Project here.

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