Where Are My Plottr Files Saved?

Your Plottr files are saved locally on your computer, just like Microsoft Word or Scrivener files (unless you have a Plottr Pro account).

This article covers important tips and considerations when saving your files.

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Saving a New Project

After you begin a new project, you’ll need to save it. 

Here is our recommended method for saving:

  1. Open the File menu
  2. Click "Save as..." in the File menu 
  3. In the Save window that appears, name your project and select the folder where you want it saved

Regardless of where you save your files, you can find and open them from the Files section of the Plottr Dashboard.

Saving Locally vs In the Cloud

Saving your file in a folder locally on your computer makes it easy to organize and access your projects. However, if anything happens to your computer's hard drive, those files can be permanently lost.

Online cloud-based services provide added protection with backing up your files beyond your hard drive. Additionally, using a cloud service allows you to easily access the files from different devices and collaborate on the same files with other Plottr users.

That's why we recommend saving your file to a folder on your computer that syncs with a cloud-based service.

Information on saving your files using popular cloud-based services can be found here:

Finding Your Saved Files

There are a number of ways to find your saved Plottr files:

  • Visit the Files section of the Plottr Dashboard 
  • Search your computer's file system for files with a "pltr" extension
  • Visit the folder on your computer where the file is saved and click to open it from there
  • Visit the cloud-based service where the file is saved and click to open it from there
If you closed your project without using "Save As..." and were prompted with the option to "Save before closing" and clicked "Save", your file will be saved as an Untitled file in a temporary folder on your computer. 

In this case, it can be most easily accessed from the Files tab of the Plottr Dashboard – look for a file with ‘Untitled’ in the name. 

Retrieving File Backups

If you can't find your file anywhere on your computer or in the cloud, you can check Plottr's own backup system.

To view your backups, open the Plottr Dashboard and visit the "Backups" tab, where you will find folders containing the files you worked on by date.

➡️ You can learn more about accessing file backups here.

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