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Activating License

After you’ve purchased and installed Plottr on your computer, you’ll need to input your license key to activate your account and receive updates.

This article provides an overview of the license key activation process.

How to Find Your License Key

There are a couple ways to find your Plottr license key:

  • Visit the License Keys page of your account
  • View the receipt you receive via email after purchase

To learn more about navigating the License Keys page, click here.

How to Activate Your License Key

There are a couple ways to activate your Plottr license key:

  • After installing Plottr, enter your license key into the activation window
  • From the Menu Bar, open the Plottr menu, click Activate License Key, and enter the key

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Common Questions

Why does Plottr ask me to activate my license key every time I open it?

If you’re experiencing this behavior, please make sure to quit / close your Plottr installer and restart the app. The problem should be solved!

Updated on December 17, 2020

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